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Our Approach - Wellness Care for Honolulu

office_pic_300x225.jpgWhen a health condition is encouraged to move in the proper direction, we can be assured that this is also the direction of strengthened immunity, increased vitality, and a more stable state of balance. The right direction also implies the unsticking of the life force from its prior state of stubborn inflexibility, which is what all ongoing chronic health problems are about. – Dr. Larry Malerba

Niu Health for a New You! at Niu Health Chiropractic in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Chris T. Lipat, CFMP, Holistic Chiropractor, Reiki Master, helps you tap into your own body's wisdom to provide guidance in your self-healing journey to personal transformation. Her intuitive muscle testing/kinesiology approach integrates the potency of gentle holistic chiropractic, along with energetic, fascial, emotional and nutritional approaches, in a powerful synergistic visit designed to support your evolution. She will help you uncover the stressors that are holding you back from expressing your full potential. 

This advanced healing arts practice addresses structural misalignment and muscle imbalance, emotional and energetic blockages, nutritional deficiencies, electromagnetic sensitivities, fascial restrictions and environmental toxicities that impact your health as you struggle to thrive in our modern world. She will support you in aligning with positive emotions and powerful affirmations. You will receive a tailored list of foods to avoid to decrease inflammation and foods to eat to maximize health. Other tailored lifestyle recommendations may include EFT/tapping, guidance on types of meditation, exercise, and even recommendations for crystals and essential oils to support you on your healing journey.

To get a better idea of Dr. Chris' approach, see Vagal Tone: at the Intersection of Chiropractic, Nutrition and Emotions and The Total Stress Load Concept: Why Your Body May Not Be Healing Itself.

Dr. Christine T. Lipat, DC | Holistic Doctor Honolulu Hawaii | (808) 783-1046