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Niu Health for a New You! at Niu Health Chiropractic

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Because of our unique approach, Niu Health for a New You! at Niu Health Chiropractic is a referral-based practice focused on your true healing needs. If you've benefited from Dr. Christine's healing hands, share this e-newsletter with your friends and family and spread the love!


A comprehensive, integrative approach to optimal health

Fatigue and lower back pain. Chronic neck pain with tingling into the hands. Eczema. Uterine fibroids. Frozen shoulder. Joint pain from pregnancy. Anxiety, depression. Migraines. Brain fog. Stomach pain. Knee pain. Hot flashes. Plantar fasciitis. A broken heart. If the body knows how to heal itself, what is blocking you from healing fully and completely?

As a Reiki master, in addition to being a chiropractor, I am trained to balance energy flows. Believe it or not, my reiki students can feel differing qualities of energy when they first put their hands on each other after their first attunement! Besides energy flows, there is blood circulation, nerve flow, electrical and circulatory flow through our fascia/connective tissue, and lymph flow. Chiropractors, acupuncturists, and bodyworkers are intimately familiar with these processes. There are also vital energy flows which connect the spinal cord, autonomic nervous system, and endocrine system to our subtle body of vibration energy called the bioelectric magnetic field. Reiki practitioners and other energy healers work on this level of healing.

How do flows get “blocked?” Normally, stressors elicit helpful healing responses from the body. Scar tissue is created to repair injury. The liver ramps up histamine and enzyme function to address toxin exposure. Immune cells are activated and body temperature increased to combat infections. Hormones are released and body-mind coping mechanisms are triggered to address emotional and mental stress. Indigestion signals which foods continue to imbalance your gut flora. 

Any of these healthful reactions also invoke a subsequent inflammatory pain/stress reaction, sometimes with involuntary muscle contractions and fascial adhesions to isolate the area and to focus the body’s healing attention to the area. The central nervous system which coordinates this healing process, also creates an adaptive neurological response increasing muscle tension in the spine around involved nerve roots. Subtle shifts in organ meridian flows occur to provide energy where it is needed. These healing mechanisms, which require additional energy, get your attention, force you to rest, and signal that you need to make changes in order to decrease your exposure to toxic stressors. Ideally, this situation is temporary. When toxic stressors are neutralized and future insults are avoided, health and homeostasis is restored.

Love the holistic work Dr. Chris does! I feel amazing after every time I go to see her.” - Facebook review

With chronic insults, it is hard to complete the healing process. And in this environmentally toxic, stressed out world, we all have challenges with healing. Mineral reserves are depleted. Neural integrity is compromised resulting in chronic spinal muscle tension. Chronic inflammation/pain is localized in areas of constant irritation, muscle spasm, or where toxins accumulate such as your joints. The fight or flight response just won’t shut down. Organs experiencing deficiency or toxicity make us prone to negative emotions connected to these meridians. These reactions block or imbalance our nerve, circulatory, lymph, electrical and energetic flows. Even when healing is "complete," scars and adhesions in our connective tissue could still remain that are no longer useful, and unresolved emotions stored in our energy body could continue to interrupt these flows. That is when it is helpful to get the outside help you need to remove these “blockages” and reset your systems, ideally from practitioners that are adept at helping you identify toxic insults, as well as to restoring these flows.

The approach I use at Niu Health for a New You! addresses many of these issues simultaneously to restore your flows on multiple levels. The core of my treatment is the synergistic combination of body work (chiropractic/emotional/fascial/energy work) with dietary recommendations. Alignment through this approach enhances your ability to function better and perceive situations differently, and helps unleash the energy you need to make better choices. Many patients report feeling “lighter” and back to “being themselves” again.

The longer I do this work (going on 6+ years now, but over 11+ years as a Reiki Master), the question I now ask patients is, who do you need to become to no longer have these symptoms?

After one visit, patients feel substantially less pain and more range of motion. They leave the office empowered with a self-healing action plan, including key health articles, an evolving list of toxins and foods to avoid, a shopping list of foods to enjoy, and other detox and lifestyle recommendations. They have the power to choose a new way of being.

Rather than resorting to quick fixes or strong stimulatory medicines to help you FEEL better, we set a solid foundation for healing to help you FUNCTION better. As your body strengthens, we get deeper into peeling away layers of neglect and we rebuild your resilience so that you can HEAL better.

If done right, as Charlotte Gerson of Gerson Therapy says in the documentary Food Matters, “You can’t keep one disease and heal two others. When the body heals, it heals everything.”

I love my sessions with Dr. Christine! Her approach to healing involves the whole being. She is gifted at assessing my body's imbalances and using a variety of modalities to restore health almost instantly. She is energetically very perceptive and works not only with my physical body but also my mental, emotional and spiritual health. Dr. Christine is gifted, compassionate, unique and a true gem. I highly recommend her! - Yelp Review 

Niu Health for a New You! LogoAre you ready to make a commitment to transforming your health and your life? Niu Health for a New You! is a program of care offering a potent, cutting edge, synergistic combination of chiropractic, energetic, emotional and fascial bodywork, along with nutrition and dietary recommendations. Take advantage of the special kama`aina rate of $160 ($30 off) and a risk free money back guarantee for the first Foundations of Health Breakthrough 1.75-hr visit for new patients. I am extending this special rate to out of town guests of current patients, now that I am offering follow up Phone Maintenance Visits!

Better yet, get your loved one a "Niu Health for a New You" GIFT CARD! Choose a New Patient Visit or Basic Deep System Reset! Or register them for the upcoming Reiki workshop they've been meaning to take (see below)! Check out our new Square Shop for Gift Card pick up, 1st class mailing, or in-office redemption.

White Light Reiki 2 Class ParticipantsTake healing into your own hands! Reiki is an essential modality and philosophy in my practice.

White Light Reiki Level 1: September 8, 2018
White Light Reiki Level 2: September 29, 2018
White Light Reiki Level 3: November 10, 2018
Karuna® Reiki Practitioner Levels 1 & 2: December 1-2 2018
Karuna® Reiki Master: July 14, 2018, or as requested
White Light Reiki Master: July 14, 2018, or as requested

For more information on Reiki classes with Dr. Chris, click here.

Facebook LikeDr. Chris posts educational articles on health from around the internet regularly on Facebook along with the latest schedule of Reiki classes. Like our page so you can keep up with cutting edge holistic health news!

Article highlights include:
Low-carb diets should be reinstated as pillars of diabetes control
4 tools to create happiness and end depression
Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton free e-book
Physical therapy and nutrition: a powerful combination to heal pelvic pain
What is muscle fascia?

This 75-year Harvard Study found the 1 secret to leading a fulfilling life
Could grounding recharge your immune system and slow aging?
Neuro-Emotional Technique reduces symptoms of traumatic stress in cancer survivors

As with all health promoting approaches, one size does not fit all. Niu Health for a New You! provides personalized recommendations that help you rebuild your resilience more effectively and efficiently. Rather than resorting to quick fixes or stimulatory medicines to help you feel better, we set a solid foundation for healing to help you FUNCTION better in the long term. 

PURIUM for intermittent fasting!
Since doing 2 rounds of the Purium 10-day Transformation in Oct/Nov 2016, I've maintained my 10 lb loss & kept off the 2" from around my waist by continuing to eat well and using the Super 23 Aminos and Original Power Shake for intermittent fasting. Sometimes I take the Aminos and Shake every other day for breakfast, or for a 1 or 2 day cleanse after indulgent times.

Dr. Christine drinking Purium's Apothe-cherryI haven’t been a fan of fasts because we are already so nutrient depleted. But this cleanse provides you with high quality organic nutrition to heal and detoxify, while reshaping you from the inside out! If you decide to undertake the cleanse, I recommend adding "flex foods" - alternating between small portions of clean protein (wild salmon or organic chicken) one day and cooked organic cruciferous veggies the next, with sprinklings of pickled cucumber and fermented kimchee/sauerkraut throughout. Try to make it through 1-3 days with less or no added foods. Curb hunger with water, or herbal teas like dandelion root tea, fennel or lemon balm. Sleeping early with the support of the melatonin-rich Apothe-cherry helps with healing, and also helps you to stop thinking about being hungry (LOL!).

Can you imagine what healing your body can do without the burden of sugar, corn syrup, pesticides, GMOs, grains, preservatives, food coloring and bad fats, even for a few days?

Order from my shop here and get $50 off your first order! For those with a more savory palate, customize and get the ORIGINAL Powershake (which tastes like green tea brown rice). http://mypurium.com/niuhealthforanewyou. Coupon code: niuhealthforanewyou.

Paying respect to the direction of cure, from the inside out, from interior to exterior, will ensure an overall increase of health, vitality and freedom to embrace change. - Dr. Larry Malerba, Green Medicine

Although insurance does not cover a number of the modalities I use during a session (like nutrition, energy work, lifestyle counseling and emotional clearing), some plans will cover the adjustment and a few other components. Check with your carrier to see if they cover chiropractic. If you have HMSA HMO, please get a referral prior to scheduling. I will still be charging a co-pay to cover the time and modalities that are not covered by insurance, but at least you can get some reimbursement from your provider. Please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of insurance billing, but I hope this helps you to get a Deep System Reset more often than you would otherwise! 

E mälama pono! Book now at https://www.bookfresh.com/service/honolulu/niu-health-for-a-new-you-at-niu-health-chiropractic/148615050
Dr. Chris Teaño Lipat, DC
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
White Light/Karuna Reiki® Master
Niu Health for a New You! 
Lasting results. Minimal visits.

Yelp Patients speak. See patient reviews and add your own on FacebookBookFresh, Google+ and Yelp.

I credit Dr. Chris Lipat and Niu Health Chiropractic with helping me get through graduate school. Much more than helping me survive the stress, late nights and other deprivations that come with higher education, appointments with Dr. Chris Lipat have taught me so much about what my body requires to feel its best - what foods bring inflammation and which heal, what other environmental allergens and toxins to be aware of, and what supplements, and habits will help me offset these, and of course how all of these will help me maintain the positive effects of her low-impact adjustments. I most appreciate that Dr. Lipat's approach is not about creating a clientele dependent on her so much as one attuned to our own bodies and their needs. She teaches her patients the importance of health literacy and autonomy, and making informed choices for our current and future health. Dr. Lipat's approach, using muscle-testing and addressing structural, neuro-emotional, chemical-nutritional obstacles to optimal physical, spiritual, emotional health, is gentle, intuitive and comprehensive. Go see her! - Tagi

When I think about my recent changes to take better care of my health, I have to credit Dr. Chris Lipat. Dr. Chris is truly a holistic practitioner who treats me with kindness, compassion, and respect. I think you will find her to be accessible and responsive to your needs, too. Together we looked at what was troubling me with my lower back, knees, and spine. Using a combination of assessments, Dr. Chris helped me see how nutrition and food sensitivities may be also be some of the underlying causes of my stiffness and joint pain. Her adjustments gave me some relief, too, as she helped me listen more closely to what my body has been trying to tell me for a long time. This very act of listening with her has attuned my awareness to my body's own wisdom and way. Going to Niu Health Chiropractic also has helped me improve my food choices to reduce inflammation. Over time, with coaching and support, I have not only lost weight, but have also started to heal my depleted adrenals, too. Truly there has been so much to be excited about with more energy and returning mobility and agility in the body. I am so grateful to her and I know you will be, too! Woot! Woot! - Grace

Glucose is the energy that humans were designed to run on. We source our glucose from the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The body uses insulin to keep our blood glucose in a narrow range, allowing the brain to function at its best. If insulin levels are too high, due to chronic excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption, this keeps sugar in our cells and starves the brain of fuel, leading the brain to want more sugar...
As a holistic chiropractor, I often see patients dealing with a myriad of chronic issues: gastritis, migraines, eczema, colitis, joint pain, neck and back pain, thyroid insufficiency, fatigue, high blood pressure and asthma. At the root of many of these disease states is...
We talk about root causes in the alternative health community, as though by locating and pointing "it" out to the patient, we can help them eliminate their symptoms. Indeed, when chiropractic was founded in 1895...

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Dr. Christine is a wonderful healer, with a powerful yet gentle touch and a huge heart. Her adjustments are soft and comfortable and simultaneously extremely precise and effective. I cannot recommend Dr. Christine enough.

A.K -
Honolulu, HI

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